7 Best Substitute For Poblano Peppers

Poblano Pepper Substitute

The Poblano Pepper, a staple of Mexican and Southwestern cuisines, is cherished for its unique flavor and mild heat. These robust, dark green peppers, named after their place of origin, Puebla in Mexico, imbue dishes with a delightful smokiness and a delicate spiciness that isn’t overpowering. However, what happens when your dish calls for this distinct pepper and you can’t find it in your pantry or the grocery store?

This is where our article comes to your rescue, presenting you with the best substitutes for Poblano Pepper. These alternatives have been carefully selected based on their flavor profiles, heat levels, and culinary versatility, aiming to get as close to the original Poblano experience as possible. Whether you’re recreating a classic Mexican dish or experimenting with your own fusion recipe, these substitutes will ensure your culinary endeavor remains flavorful and satisfying. With this knowledge, you can feel confident in your cooking, irrespective of your Poblano Pepper stock situation.

What is Poblano Pepper?

Poblano Pepper, named after the Mexican state of Puebla, is a mild chili pepper variety known for its dark, leathery skin and robust size. It’s widely popular in Mexican and Southwestern cuisines, featuring in classics such as chiles rellenos and chiles en nogada. Poblanos are unique because they offer a mild, almost smoky heat that gives dishes a distinct depth and richness. They are usually harvested while still green, though they turn a deep red and become slightly sweeter and hotter as they mature.

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Quick Pepper Swap Guide

Before we delve deeper, here’s a quick view of the substitutes we’ll discuss in depth:

  • Anaheim Pepper
  • Bell Pepper
  • Jalapeno Pepper
  • Ancho Pepper
  • Guajillo Pepper
  • Banana Pepper
  • Mulato Pepper

Best Substitutes For Poblano Pepper

It’s important to note that each substitute carries its unique flavor profile and heat level. The objective is not to find an identical match but rather a suitable alternative that works harmoniously within your dish.

Anaheim Pepper

One of the closest substitutes for Poblano pepper is the Anaheim Pepper. Like the Poblano, it hails from the chili pepper family and carries a similar level of mild heat. Its long, slender shape and vibrant green color bear a striking resemblance to the Poblano, making it an excellent visual substitute.

In terms of taste, the Anaheim pepper is slightly sweeter, with hints of earthiness that can complement various dishes. It is versatile, working well in both raw and cooked forms. Its larger cavity also makes it a good candidate for stuffing, much like you would a Poblano. Overall, if a recipe calls for Poblano and you have Anaheim peppers at hand, you’re in good stead to proceed.

Bell Pepper

The Bell Pepper is another viable substitute for Poblano. Known for its sweet flavor and crunchy texture, bell peppers are less spicy compared to Poblanos, which makes them perfect for those who prefer a milder heat in their dishes.

Green Bell Peppers, in particular, work well because of their similar color to Poblano peppers, although Red Bell Peppers can be used for a sweeter profile. The robust and hollow shape of Bell Peppers makes them perfect for stuffing recipes, mimicking the role Poblanos play in dishes like chiles rellenos.

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Jalapeno Pepper

If you’re looking for a substitute with a bit more heat, Jalapeno Pepper might be your best bet. Jalapenos are significantly spicier than Poblanos, but their fresh, green, and slightly sweet taste makes them a worthy substitute in many dishes.

Jalapenos work best in recipes that require a sharper, more pronounced chili flavor. They are great for salsas, sauces, and dishes that can handle a bit more heat. However, if you’re using Jalapenos as a substitute, adjust the quantity according to your heat tolerance.

Ancho Pepper

In a fun twist of botanical trivia, an Ancho Pepper is actually a dried Poblano Pepper. In essence, you’re using the same pepper, but the drying process transforms the flavor profile substantially. Ancho Peppers offer a rich, mild, and slightly sweet flavor with notes of chocolate and raisins.

Ancho Peppers are excellent for recipes that call for Poblanos but can accommodate a different flavor twist. Rehydrate them before use, and you can employ them in salsas, sauces, and stews. Just remember, their flavor is richer and sweeter than a fresh Poblano.

Guajillo Pepper

The Guajillo Pepper is another dried chili that can substitute for Poblano Pepper. It has a sweet, fruity flavor with a hint of pine, cranberry, and tea. It’s also mild in heat, ranking just above the Ancho pepper.

Guajillo Peppers are excellent in marinades, salsas, and soups. They add a complex, fruity depth of flavor that Poblanos can’t quite match. As with any dried chili, remember to rehydrate Guajillo before using it.

Banana Pepper

Banana Peppers, known for their mild heat and tangy, sweet taste, can be a good substitute for Poblano peppers, especially when preparing salads, pizzas, and sandwiches.

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Their bright yellow color can be a delightful addition to dishes, visually contrasting the green Poblano. They have a similar crunch when raw and maintain a pleasant texture even when cooked. But keep in mind that Banana Peppers are less spicy than Poblanos, which might slightly alter the heat of your dish.

Mulato Pepper

The Mulato Pepper is yet another variant of the dried Poblano, similar to the Ancho but harvested later when the pepper has fully ripened to a brownish-black color. This imparts a deeper, more complex flavor profile to the Mulato, with smoky undertones and hints of chocolate, cherry, and tobacco.

Mulato Peppers are commonly used in mole sauces and other Mexican recipes. The rich flavor they provide is a good alternative if you want to keep some of the Poblano’s depth while introducing new flavors.

Substitutes for Poblano Pepper: Nutritional Profile

Here’s a comparative nutritional profile for ¼ cup serving of some of our listed substitutes:

Pepper VarietyCaloriesFat (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Protein (g)Gluten
Anaheim Pepper180.
Bell Pepper200.
Jalapeno Pepper270.
Ancho Pepper481.4114.82.2Gluten-free
Guajillo Pepper481.2114.62Gluten-free
Banana Pepper100.
Mulato Pepper491.4114.82.2Gluten-free


In the vast world of culinary possibilities, the absence of one ingredient should never deter you from creating mouth-watering dishes. With our detailed guide to Poblano Pepper substitutes, you can now confidently whip up your favorite recipes, even when the original pepper isn’t at hand. Remember, every substitute brings its unique touch to the plate, and in exploring them, you might discover new favorite combinations. Happy cooking!

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