7 Best Substitute For Pappardelle Noodles

Pappardelle Noodles Substitute

The art of cooking lies in the clever use of ingredients, their substitutes, and the seamless fusion of flavors they bring. In this context, pasta, a staple of Italian cuisine, offers a world of diversity. Pappardelle, one such pasta variant, is famous for its broad, flat ribbons, lending a hearty mouthfeel that beautifully complements rich, robust sauces. However, what do you do when this particular pasta isn’t within reach? Do you abandon the recipe, or do you adapt?

This guide provides an answer to this dilemma, presenting the best alternatives to pappardelle noodles. Each substitute is not merely a second-best option but an avenue to explore new textures, flavors, and culinary experiences. They are “best” due to their ability to mimic the characteristic features of pappardelle, while also being versatile enough for use in various recipes. Our definition of “best” aligns with the need for flexibility and creativity in the kitchen. These alternatives can help turn a potential cooking crisis into a delicious success story. So let’s navigate through these substitutes, and in doing so, expand our pasta repertoire.

What is Pappardelle Noodles?

Originating from the Tuscany region of Italy, pappardelle is a type of pasta shaped into broad, flat ribbons. Characteristically, pappardelle noodles are large, hearty, and similar to wide fettuccine. Traditionally, they are served with rich, robust sauces, particularly those made with game meats like boar or rabbit. The name ‘pappardelle’ originates from the Italian verb ‘pappare’, which means ‘to gobble up’ – a testament to its delectable charm.

Quick Pasta Panorama: Substitutes For Pappardelle Noodles

  • Fettuccine
  • Tagliatelle
  • Mafaldine
  • Lasagna Sheets
  • Linguine
  • Wide Egg Noodles
  • Manicotti

Best Substitutes For Pappardelle Noodles

Now let’s delve into the world of pasta alternatives. Each of these substitutes for pappardelle maintains the pasta’s spirit while adding unique dimensions to your dishes.

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Fettuccine, another classic Italian pasta, is the first on our list of best substitutes for pappardelle. It’s a ribbon-style pasta, slightly narrower than pappardelle, but provides a similar mouthfeel. Fettuccine is a popular choice in Roman and Tuscan cuisine, typically served with heavier sauces due to its thick and hearty nature.

When used as a substitute, fettuccine seamlessly takes on the role of pappardelle, providing a satisfying chewiness that stands up well to rich, meaty sauces. This quality makes fettuccine an excellent substitute, especially for dishes that traditionally use pappardelle, like slow-cooked ragu.

One must note, fettuccine’s narrower width might slightly alter the original dish’s balance between pasta and sauce. However, with careful sauce pairing and portion control, this minor difference can be well-managed. Additionally, the readily available nature of fettuccine in most grocery stores gives it an advantage as a convenient alternative.


Tagliatelle, native to the Emilia-Romagna and Marche regions of Italy, is another commendable substitute for pappardelle. This pasta is long, flat ribbons similar in width to fettuccine. What distinguishes tagliatelle is its traditional pairing with meat and Bolognese sauces, which aligns with pappardelle’s affinity for similar robust accompaniments.

Tagliatelle’s thickness and surface area enable it to hold on to sauces effectively, ensuring a flavorful bite every time. Therefore, substituting pappardelle with tagliatelle in recipes can yield pleasing results.

While tagliatelle and pappardelle have many similarities, the former’s more delicate texture can introduce a subtly different mouthfeel to your dishes. This quality could be a delightful surprise, enhancing your dining experience without deviating too far from the original.


In the world of ribbon-like pasta, mafaldine stands out with its beautiful ruffled edges. Originating from Naples, mafaldine or reginette, meaning “little queens,” offers an aesthetic and culinary delight as an alternative to pappardelle.

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In addition to its distinct appearance, mafaldine’s textured edges offer a practical advantage as they help retain sauces, enhancing the flavor profile of your dish. This characteristic makes mafaldine an excellent substitute for pappardelle, especially in rich, chunky sauce recipes.

However, mafaldine is slightly narrower than pappardelle. Still, it compensates for this difference with its added surface area due to its ruffled edges. The variety it introduces in terms of both texture and appearance can enhance the appeal of your dish.

Lasagna Sheets

An unconventional yet effective alternative to pappardelle is lasagna sheets. Despite being popularly associated with layered baked dishes, lasagna sheets can be ingeniously cut into wide strips to mimic the shape and size of pappardelle.

Lasagna sheets are readily available and offer a similar thickness and hearty bite as pappardelle. They are a perfect substitute in dishes where pappardelle’s width is crucial for balancing with chunky or heavy sauces.

One minor setback could be that lasagna sheets typically have fluted edges, which could slightly alter your dish’s aesthetics. However, this small variation can be overlooked considering the overall satisfaction lasagna sheets offer as a pappardelle substitute.


Linguine, meaning “little tongues,” is a type of pasta similar to fettuccine but more elliptical in section than flat. While linguine is narrower than pappardelle, it’s thicker than most other long pasta, providing a similar robustness in dishes.

Primarily used in seafood or pesto recipes, linguine can be a refreshing substitute for pappardelle in non-traditional recipes. Its added thickness compared to other thin pasta ensures it holds up well against hearty sauces.

However, due to linguine’s narrower width, it might alter the pasta-to-sauce ratio in traditional pappardelle dishes. Yet, its unique shape and robustness can add a pleasing twist to your pasta dishes.

Wide Egg Noodles

A non-Italian alternative on this list, wide egg noodles can be an excellent substitute for pappardelle. They’re similar in width and offer a comparable hearty mouthfeel. Traditionally used in European and Asian cuisines, wide egg noodles bring a multicultural touch to your dish.

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Their thick, creamy texture and egg-rich flavor can complement rich sauces and hearty ingredients, much like pappardelle. While they might not be the perfect fit for traditional Italian recipes due to their distinct flavor, they can provide a delightful variation in fusion dishes.


Last but not least, manicotti makes the list for its versatility and similar size to pappardelle. Manicotti are large pasta tubes, typically filled and baked. However, uncooked manicotti can be cut open and laid flat to mimic wide, flat pasta similar to pappardelle.

Although manicotti is a less common substitute, it is an option worth exploring when others are unavailable. Its similar thickness to pappardelle ensures a similar bite, but its tubular origin can lead to a slightly different texture, providing a unique experience.

Substitutes for Pappardelle Noodles: Nutritional Profile

Pasta SubstituteGlutenCaloriesFatCarbsFiberProtein
FettuccineYes220 kcal1.2 g43 g2.5 g8 g
TagliatelleYes210 kcal1.3 g43 g2.1 g8 g
MafaldineYes200 kcal1.1 g40 g2.0 g7 g
Lasagna SheetsYes210 kcal1.2 g42 g1.8 g7 g
LinguineYes220 kcal1.2 g43 g2.5 g8 g
Wide Egg NoodlesYes220 kcal3.3 g40 g1.9 g8 g
ManicottiYes210 kcal1.1 g42 g2.1 g7 g

Note: These values represent the typical nutritional profile per ¼ cup serving of each pasta type. The actual values may vary based on the specific brand or product.

Conclusion: Embracing Pasta Diversity

As we journey through the wide world of pasta, it becomes evident that even if your recipe calls for a specific type like pappardelle, you have the liberty to experiment with numerous other varieties. The best substitutes for pappardelle noodles each bring unique flavors, textures, and forms to your plate, maintaining the essence of your dish while offering new culinary experiences. Remember, cooking is a creative art. Don’t hesitate to think outside the pasta box and bring your own twist to traditional recipes. Happy cooking!

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