9 Best Substitute For Bacon Grease

Bacon Grease Substitute

Bacon grease, the flavorful byproduct of cooking bacon, has long held a revered place in the culinary arts. Revered for its rich, smoky flavor, this rendered fat lends a depth and complexity to dishes that is uniquely alluring. Yet, there are instances when substitutes for bacon grease might be necessary, such as dietary restrictions, health considerations, or simply the absence of it in your kitchen pantry.

The quest for the best substitute depends largely on the dish in question and the flavor profile it requires. Among a myriad of potential alternatives, this article highlights some of the most effective substitutes for bacon grease – from the delectable richness of duck fat and butter, the versatile charm of olive oil and lard, to the vegan-friendly duo of tofu and soy sauce. Each offers its own unique qualities, making them not just substitutes, but intriguing alternatives worth exploring in their own right.

What is Bacon Grease?

Bacon grease is the rendered fat that’s left over after cooking bacon. It has a strong, savory, and slightly smoky flavor that’s cherished by many food enthusiasts. While it is a byproduct of bacon, it has gained its own identity in the culinary world. Bacon grease is often collected and stored for later use in cooking and baking, contributing its unique flavor to an array of dishes.

The Bacon Grease Stand-ins: A Quick View

  • Duck Fat
  • Butter
  • Schmaltz (Chicken Fat)
  • Lard
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Ghee (Clarified Butter)
  • Tofu and Soy Sauce

Best Substitutes For Bacon Grease

Let’s dive into the details of these substitutes, their culinary implications, and how they stack up against bacon grease in terms of flavor, versatility, and nutritional profile.

Duck Fat

In the first place, we have Duck Fat. Similar to bacon grease, duck fat offers a rich, savory flavor that can elevate dishes to gourmet status. Its high smoke point makes it an ideal choice for frying and sautéing, and its rich mouthfeel mirrors that of bacon grease, making it a luxurious alternative.

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The depth of flavor that duck fat imparts is impressive. It carries an umami-like undertone which, while not identical to the smoky tang of bacon, is equally satisfying. It shines in root vegetable dishes, stews, and hearty soups, infusing them with a subtle hint of gamey richness.

There is also a practical advantage to using duck fat: its high smoke point. Like bacon grease, it’s well-suited for high-heat cooking methods such as frying or sautéing, meaning you won’t need to adjust your cooking techniques when substituting.


Coming in next is butter, a staple in most kitchens. Though it may not have the smoky flavor of bacon grease, it has a richness that can closely mimic the mouthfeel of bacon grease. It’s a versatile fat that can be used in everything from sautéing and roasting to baking.

The unmistakable creaminess of butter brings a layer of indulgence to dishes that is similar to the sensation bacon grease offers. In dishes where the smokiness of bacon is not crucial, butter can be an excellent stand-in, offering its own unique flavor contribution.

When using butter as a substitute for bacon grease, it’s also worth considering browned butter. This is butter that has been gently cooked until the milk solids turn golden, resulting in a nutty, caramel-like flavor. This adds an extra dimension to dishes that can somewhat replicate the depth of bacon grease.

Schmaltz (Chicken Fat)

Our third substitute is schmaltz, or rendered chicken fat. A staple of traditional Jewish cooking, schmaltz has a delicate, savory flavor that makes it a solid substitute for bacon grease, especially in dishes where the smoky flavor of bacon might be overpowering.

Schmaltz imparts a succulent mouthfeel and a subtle, poultry-inspired taste profile that can be a delightful surprise in dishes traditionally prepared with bacon grease. It’s perfect for sautéing vegetables, making hearty stews, or even for frying potatoes, offering a cozy, comforting taste.

The preparation of schmaltz involves rendering fat from chicken skin and onions, which introduces a layer of savory sweetness that beautifully complements many dishes. While it may not have the smoky undertones of bacon grease, schmaltz brings its own delicious personality to the table.


The fourth contender is lard, or rendered pig fat. It’s one of the closest substitutes for bacon grease in terms of flavor, as they both originate from the same animal. Lard has a slightly less intense flavor compared to bacon grease, but it still brings a deep, meaty richness to dishes.

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Lard is incredibly versatile and can be used in a similar fashion to bacon grease. It’s great for frying, sautéing, and even baking—think flaky pie crusts or tender biscuits. Its high smoke point, like bacon grease, allows it to stand up well to high-heat cooking.

The flavor profile of lard, while less smoky than bacon grease, carries a certain meaty quality that can mimic the umami and depth that bacon grease provides. If you’re looking for a substitute that will function and taste similar to bacon grease, lard is a solid choice.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is the fifth substitute on our list. A cornerstone of Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil’s robust flavor and health benefits make it an excellent alternative to bacon grease. Extra virgin olive oil, in particular, can bring a depth and complexity of flavor to dishes.

While olive oil lacks the smoky, meaty flavor of bacon grease, it imparts a fruity, slightly peppery taste to dishes that can be just as satisfying. It’s fantastic for sautéing, roasting, and even for making salad dressings.

The higher-quality extra virgin olive oil brings a robust flavor profile that stands on its own, adding a touch of Mediterranean flair to your dishes. While its flavor is distinct from bacon grease, its versatility and health benefits make it a worthy substitute.

Coconut Oil

Our sixth substitute is coconut oil. Though its sweet, tropical flavor may seem a far cry from the smoky tang of bacon grease, coconut oil can serve as a fantastic substitute in certain dishes. Its high smoke point and solid-at-room-temperature consistency make it a useful alternative.

Coconut oil brings a delicate, sweet flavor to dishes that can provide an interesting counterbalance to savory ingredients. It’s particularly useful in baked goods, where its mild sweetness can enhance the overall flavor profile.

Moreover, coconut oil’s high smoke point makes it suitable for frying and sautéing, similar to bacon grease. This functionality, combined with its unique flavor, makes coconut oil a fascinating alternative to bacon grease.

Ghee (Clarified Butter)

Our seventh bacon grease substitute is ghee, also known as clarified butter. This dairy product is simmered until the water content evaporates and the milk solids separate, leaving behind a rich, golden oil. Ghee’s flavor is deeper, nuttier, and more caramel-like than regular butter.

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Ghee brings a robust, nutty flavor to dishes that can provide depth and richness, much like bacon grease. It’s especially good in dishes where you want the fat to impart a strong flavor, such as in stews or roasted vegetables.

The advantage of using ghee over regular butter is its high smoke point, which allows it to be used in high-heat cooking methods like frying and sautéing, just like bacon grease. Its richness and versatility make it a viable substitute for bacon grease.

Tofu and Soy Sauce

The final substitute on our list is a combination of tofu and soy sauce. While it may seem unusual, this pairing can mimic the savory, umami quality of bacon grease, making it an excellent vegan substitute.

Tofu can be crumbled and sautéed in a pan until crispy, then seasoned with soy sauce to provide a rich, umami flavor. The crispy tofu bits can be used in place of bacon bits, and the remaining oil and soy sauce mixture can serve as a bacon grease substitute in your dishes.

The advantage of this substitute is its adaptability. Depending on the type of tofu used, it can be a low-fat or high-fat substitute, and the intensity of flavor can be adjusted with the amount of soy sauce. It’s a creative, vegan-friendly alternative that brings a surprising depth of flavor.

Substitutes for Bacon Grease: Nutritional Profile

SubstituteGluten (per ¼ cup)Calories (per ¼ cup)Fat (per ¼ cup)Carbs (per ¼ cup)Fiber (per ¼ cup)Protein (per ¼ cup)
Duck Fat0g22024g0g0g0g
Olive Oil0g48056g0g0g0g
Coconut Oil0g47052g0g0g0g
Tofu and Soy SauceDepends on soy sauceDepends on tofu and soy sauceDepends on tofu and soy sauceDepends on tofu and soy sauceDepends on tofu and soy sauceDepends on tofu and soy sauce

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while bacon grease has its unique flavor and culinary attributes, there are plenty of substitutes available that offer their own unique profiles and textures. Whether you’re seeking a substitute due to dietary restrictions, health considerations, or you simply ran out of bacon grease, each of these alternatives has its own strengths and can bring something special to your dishes. Remember, the best substitute will depend on the specific flavor profile and cooking technique of your recipe. Now, go ahead and experiment with these alternatives, and let your culinary creativity shine!

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